We have been at work in the metro Boston and Newport, Rhode Island areas. since October, 1988. With over 20 years experience in communications and design; and equal experience working with artists and Arts organizations, we are experienced in taking all manner of jobs from concept through completion, and helping businesses, arts organizations and individuals communicate and get their work done. We have helped Prentice-Hall, Massachusetts Electric, Labor Day for MDA at the Liberty Tree Mall (the local chapter of the Jerry Lewis Telethon), and the Boston Visual Artists Union; as well as numerous small businesses and arts groups. Our work has included (apart from the normal design items such as corporate identities, brochures and advertising) store design and signage, a training manual for Ford, magazine illustration, software UI’s, web animations and both animated and static legal exhibits, to name but a few. We are thoroughly conversant with process and screen printing.We have been certified by Quark and are Adobe Service Partners. We also do web design, animation, charts and maps, font design, copywriting and photography.We work with a print broker, who can compare and get the best prices and quality, and are able to call on other producers both nationally and internationally.

In addition, we train users at all levels and offer troubleshooting, set-up, maintenance and upgrade services for Mac users. We are value-added resellers.

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39 S Pine Street
Dover, NH 03820

603.749.3491 (603.PIX FIX 1)